Wednesday, March 23, 2011

E se Erotica

1960s: The lover amazed by the leading lady's beautiful feet, tucks a note saying: Yeh Haaseen pair zameen pe mat rakhiye mailey ho jayenge

1970s: Tulips, Rekha, Amitabh, Holland

1980s: Silk Smitha seducing the shy Kamal Hasan showing her sultry skin

1990s: Urmila Matondkar in a skimpy white dress running along the beach followed by rugged Jackie Shroff at the backdrop

Come to 2011, Shielas and Munnis gyrating effortlessly exposing her hour glass shape with her titillating jawani that sure turns the nation crazy.

Erotica in 2011 circa is no more about wet chiffon sarees, beautiful feet or sultry silk Smita. Thanks to our exposure to television, Internet and specially our current crop of leading ladies, theres no more mystery left in what lies choli ke peechey and saree ke neechey! 2011 erotica is not about a village belle Vidya Balan sucking Arshad Warsi's thumb its more on the face erotica where clevage Sawants and Emran kiss-me-s have taken over.

Be it films, tv shows, group discussions, texts, scraps, titillation is the "IN" word. TRPs are no more about some baritone Bachhan fulfilling the middle class dreams but its about the bold and the beautiful and their bedroom fanatics. From Bigg Boss to Splitsvilla to Calendar Girl, oomph sleaze and porn are slowly being catered to the so called Indian society where things like honor killing, child marriage, female foeticide are still predominant. So what the fuck man...progession is not about banning female foeticide but its about enjoying bare-it-all femme fatales on the move oh and with some emotions please.

For us, the youth (I can still have this much of liberty being the blog owner!) using abuses is just a part of the language. Fuck off is the new mantra which we almost chant a million times in a day. And the next time you are hanging out with friends and you dont know what to talk about, you must have a good collection of 'Non Veg' jokes. So before you become the vegetable in the group start practicing the new mantra!

But media is our social guardian always remember that. Our television channels ensure everytime the F word comes we should hear it with a beep. Well we are in an Indian society, where middle fingers can come at any pretext but on television it will always be with a BEEEP! Family audience hai bhai!

Finally India is the land of Kamasutra. And we Indians love our tradition. So the next time dont have to buy those x rated videos from your local porn dealer, Indian television is out there with its prime time reality shows; all you will get is some half naked women cosying up with multiple partners, or abusing 'beep'y shit to their fellow contestants. And the outcome of these shows--- for the next few fortnights media will cover the same story, focussing on the sleazy footage with big red circles! And the final consequence: if the contestant happens to have any Islamic connection whatsoever, immediate fatwas are declared with the Talibans up in arms against the poor fellow and in case the poor soul happens to be a Hindu...well dude Shiv Sainiks are not far behind!

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Aziz said...

thought provoking
to avoid the garbage, decided not to have tv at home